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thunderous roar, raging sea and the sunken sea beneath,
this is the place we made,
and now it's coral,
now it's an aquarium for all sorts of under-sea life,
now it's a sponge's living room
it's a museum for the clown fish,
that swim around the highways
old ventricles and aortas that don't pump blood anymore
there's a lackluster sunset,
and a sincere lack of apologies,
\there's ghosts on the shore,
and they all look like me.
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 2 0
I was used to death
I thought I was used to death,
I built a coffin and it begun to float,
and as I floated through the window I began to hypothesize
maybe I'd just float right into the sun,
and my reincarnated carbons,
would limbo in an endless hell,
and that's when I thought I was used to death,
scattered atoms amongst a moving sea,
and that's when I quit trying to move,
and let it take me, where it will take me
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 1 0
time and time again
I will stand and bear this,
wave by wave as the sea turns me into fine sand on a receding beach,
I will stand by, whether you want me to or not,
I will stand and bear this,
time and time again
for time is the only thing that forgives action
and the only thing that forgets words.
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 10 0
the taps keep running,
streams turn into creeks,
creeks to rivers,
until this lake turns into an ocean
and all I see is sea
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 2 0
Sonnet for Taylor
you were a warm ghost, a flickering face on a screen
I saw your smile once, manifest, lovely ghost I saw you
love, I turned to smoke and I turned green green green
I burn you down, you burnt up and it's nothing new it's nothing new
cinders, I singed myself, my lungs turned to crisp I crumple to ash
I loved you dear, I loved you tender,
we splintered still, a thundering crash
my loving heart starved itself slender
yet, warmed in your embracing words, I took your soul
I bent you in thirds, two for me and one for you
I cheated you out, I stole I stole I stole
from you, your beating love, I broke, pursued.
if only I could. Repay that unrepairable debt,
love, I'd mend your heart, I'd rewind the cassette
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 2 0
I met you by the fire,
our tears fed a love,
but to know I burned you...
dear, those hours by your side turned to weeks
and the weeks turned to months
which turned to stones in my heart,
sinking me sinking you,
you gave me years
and I just left you with my fears,
tears after tears,
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 1 0
Sonnet for Danielle no. II
I remember your worst, but your best still keeps its place,
in my heart your gentle name, in my heart your pretty face,
you were not the monster I cast you as, your role was sweet your character was kind,
I remember that, but you threw it all behind,
we made a beautiful thing, our graces crossed and we created this city,
and it was huge, and it was golden, it was pretty,
our towers shook hands with the sun, our place was filled with life,
and we died a million deaths for this place, we slit a thousands wrists with one knife
we struck out lines, we burned out photos, we broke picture frames,
we cursed at each other, we slept around, we called each other names
we made something beautiful, we knew it too well,
I built you a statue in my heart, it crumbled, it fell
I look at you now, and you're better than you ever were,
you crawled out of the rubble, as I sleep in it and do not stir
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 3 3
the lull she left me in...
there was a roaring sound, and then silence fell from the sky
a curtain. Of dark-ness came,
I am atrasado, despacio,
I am quiet violence,
she left me a spire of clouds, she left me a migrant smoke
feeling vice,
feeling blame,
I was a whirlwind whipping around without sound,
ripping through the sky like a vertical line of quiet discontent
a lightning strike, with no thunder,
ripping the ground asunder, plucking it apart with anger,
the ground does not shake but the mountains move miles and the rivers run around,
this city was built on a shoreline that is now many continents away,
and it takes a man
and the man, breaks
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 4 0
Sonnet for Danielle no. I
propogator, I rarely even hush thy name,
but here we are again, you fan the flames
coals now, but breathing hearts
blown upon, a jump-start
I bleed, bled and will continue to bleed,
for you, I find solace in it again to spread the seeds
a friendship renewed a ship re-float,
stick me with another knife. I'll fetch your coat
my patience is not ill mannered, it is temperance
it is patience, a semblance of what once was love, but not ill timed entrance
not another chance, not another go
we are gone, you were too slow
your name is again idle, I forgot, I forgave
I quit, I caved.
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 6 8
when I am just so cold,
left by the keepers of my air,
stolen, stepped on and wasted
the rain freezes on my skin and evaporates on the floor, the circulating steam gathers on my eyebrows as frost,
everywhere I go is a tundra I am a freezing oasis,
I am a chilling ice, impersonal and unknowable,
I see the water rising...
but I am chained here,
and as much as I rattle and scream and roar,
the chains are spine soldered straight,
frozen and told not to move,
I could just leap from this window
throw myself to the ground and be be free for the three point seven seconds it would take me to reach the ground,
I've calculated and mulled it over,
I will freeze, my home will flood, and I'll never see the hills that surround this place,
so green, pristine trees tall and proud,
while I sit here and crumble, crumpled to the floor, fingers curled fist pounding
pose suggesting hopelessness when I've not even fought,
there is no battle, there is just a surrender
there wasn't even a bluff,
the keepers ju
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 5 2
maybe it was some foreign ghost,
some collective haunt.
Home is where the heart is, and this city used to be a beautiful place,
now it is filled with the tombstones of those I've forgotten and the flooded lakes from the taps,
I've left running,
they flood the streets into rivers,
my salty tears collect the dust as they roll through this place that has been forgotten,
I know what I've wrought,
a dry rain,
my heart for this place
I've left it in my sleep, and with keepers to tend it
it rotted,
it cannibalized itself,
it fed on it's own structure
and the bones of these buildings broke,
circulatory collapse in the city,
they've all given up, one by one the towers fall, like dominoes,
they crumble, all save the center of this great place, where I live
one last bastion,
maybe I'll even rebuild this place,
I'll find a lovely lady and in my dreams we'll strike up stones on the bay,
I'll find a wife and build a home to watch these towers outgrow our little abode.
Maybe even I'll die old to find
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 4 0
I owe you a favor, I owe you a song
the day old smoke turns into week old hate,
this sky is gray and I am blue,
I look to the clouds, they are month old plumes of heartbreak,
just meandering,
just managing to get by,
and here I am, falling asleep in the windowsill
broken crystals of glass digging into my back
but after a coma, one gets used to discomfort,
I can't bring myself to go outside,
I'm so afraid the world will cease to be, and the sky will fall and crush me,
the night is better, so rarely am I asleep but I am always at least dreaming,
the ceiling becomes a containment mechanism,
for my ballooning, vacationing head,
my closed eyes flicker, a dry smile,
a dumb brain a dumb brain
far away, in distant mountains,
far away from this abandon,
there used to be reveries here, now I just whistle slow lamentations to the crows that hang on power lines
the squawk back, shut up,
so in my silence I created symphonies,
and lacking means to write them down I slowly went insane,
possessed by a string part I could never quite pla
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 5 2
Forgotten home
the smell of year old smoke,
ancient life, these streets are dead
and crumbling
just like this ballroom just like this ballroom,
after so many years of slumber it's a no wonder no body, is home
her statue, has crumbled,
tiny pieces of Danielle lay in the plaza,
little pieces of stones,
year old smoke,
wafting through these abandoned streets like a fatal fog,
like a deadly vapor turning everyone to dust,
and blowing it around like sand, doorstep to doorstep like its waiting for someone to answer its forlorn knocking,
we had a doorbell but the power went out,
that tower has collapsed,
little pieces of Taylor lay on top of crumbled buildings
and crumpled cars,
little sections of walls cleaved in whole chunks,
vines growing over all it creating new life,
and weaving up cracked staircase to staircase like they are waiting for someone to come around and trip over them,
and the bridge has fallen,
little pieces of Marrisa lay in dried river bed
parts of roads and bent steel beams,
mud caking t
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 5 2
The Lonely Ballroom
The piano still plays, but the guests are gone,
we are still here, I guess I'm still here...
the tiles have grown green,
moss has invaded and branches have broken the windows,
this is my home
the loneliest ballroom I know,
we used to dance just me and you,
to the music only we could hear,
but now I know I'm on my own,
all I can do is swirl through the dust and the smoke,
chasing shadows of the past,
they're just puppets and the puppet master laughs and laughs,
I am not graceful, but I am desperate,
I am somber, I, am, hollow,
as hollow as this empty room,
knock on the door and hear it echo through to the ceiling,
I am the same, my heartbeats are the palpitations of reverberations,
they are call and response,
they are minor keys ringing out into an open space,
for no one.
I will slow dance with the ghosts,
how I revel in your acronyms anymore,
my voice is careless, you do not listen, I do not sing,
I've grown mute, to you at least,
I miss you,
but I understand we could've left this ro
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 5 6
mirror monster
I swore off melodrama,
but I look in the mirror and see cracks and smeared blood that form devils horns,
I see a tumorous demon, it snakes around my throat and cracks vertebrae as it crawls,
it suffocates, and I drown in my own reserve of air,
the barrel is pointed at my chin,
are we really doing this again?
another love slain, another dark dark strain,
the dark marks on my skin, the smoke clears away
in the sage I find all the right words to say,
but my past has already been swallowed whole,
lifeless fingers and burnt feelings,
tar in lungs, smoker's breath
I exhale fire and then try to cover it up with my nasty kisses,
I've been getting worse, my fire hotter and my kisses more pointless
I'm sorry, I do this too often,
I apologize too much, but again too often do I need to,
my chest hurts, I feel pain in every inch as my demon out grows my skin,
and god damn Julia, I want so much not to die,
but here I am wondering why I've made it this long without a sharp scatter-shot snap sending m
:iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 3 2
Mature content
sleep is not death :iconthecharacter-k:TheCharacter-K 2 0

Random Favourites

Every thing was still and quiet, the wind slowly swayed the trees and made the leaves dance to the tune of autumn. The air itself seemed to be autumn personified, this crisp air filled my lungs as i surveyed the situation with the jaded eyes of the experienced. Behind the crop of trees north of me was a pasture, in the summer and spring it was full of wildflowers, but now it was full of the feeble leaves that fell from the trees that surrounded it. Dying leaves, the ones that crunched when you stepped on them. Which made my job so much easier.
My ears twitched as I turned to the source of the noise. West, not twenty feet away. My breath came out in a hiss. 'This one is stupid! running, making noise and tracks that a child could follow and now actually attempting to hide.' I thought to my self as I made my way to my exceedingly clumsy prey.
Who was, at this moment trying to climb a large oak to escape me. I slid gracefully under the trunk and tilted my face to meet my prey.
:iconbelieveinsong:beLIEveinsong 3 4
His arms around me,
his breathing soft and steady:
we slumber in peace.
:iconprettycrazy:PrettyCrazy 8 20
too personal by DanNeamu too personal :icondanneamu:DanNeamu 252 179
why won't you let me take you ?
I know it's wrong,
but I've come so far
and bled my soul before you –
the air is sweet with your beauty;
I can feel you consent with a kiss –
no other is here
it's only us,
no sin between;
nothing but a pure love –
I beg of you
... please
I am open before you
with all my truth and honesty and heart –
one may fight such mighty urges,
but by all the gods in heaven
you are all I need
and I can't let you go,
for if I do
I must live with the dreadful shame
that part of me is lost forever
and neither one of us would be complete
:iconweblore:weblore 27 29
what flavor? by LujLious what flavor? :iconlujlious:LujLious 2,063 423 line 4 by angrygumball line 4 :iconangrygumball:angrygumball 6 8 Publicly Unnoticed by seansolo Publicly Unnoticed :iconseansolo:seansolo 1 0
Fear the Shadows of Autumn
Autumn, the season when earth sheds those shadows that have collected under the trees,
They dance and twirl with the fall of the leaves, all the while torturing me with their flittering existence.
The season of shadows, it haunts my existence, it perseveres as my bane for all of time.
The ghasts never stop their evil dancing, fluttering about my body in crimson tides of leaves,
My eyes twitch, my muscles hitch, and I cannot sway my mind,
For they have grasped me in their floating dance, dragging my soul into their sweet decay,
Their shapes, I cannot grasp… They are beyond the power of my mind…
Leave me be, O shadows of seasons past,
As I loathed not the chill of winter, nor the sounds of spring.
Summer was my joy, a time to drink and sing,
But you, you are not the same,
You are death, and yet… you are nature's Rebirth.
You are the ultimate guise in which death invades my life,
Your dancing dreams doom the days during which I die,
Leave my peace and stop your sway, or die
:iconmtrangel:mtrangel 3 7
Raining Cats and Dogs by quartertofour Raining Cats and Dogs :iconquartertofour:quartertofour 499 183
Broken bones
When today becomes yesterday,
And yesterday becomes last year.
I'd watch your neck dear,
You'll have one serious case of whiplash.
You spin around and around,
And it never ever stops.
Your world flies by so fast,
All the days run into one another.
It's like you're sitting in a spinney chair,
But you can't make it stop.
When today becomes yesterday,
And yesterday becomes 10 years ago,
I'd watch you're neck; it'll break.
:icontoryyylynn:toryyylynn 1 0
Canyon del Rio Sas by CioccoNadine Canyon del Rio Sas :iconciocconadine:CioccoNadine 4 3 Mon amour by CioccoNadine Mon amour :iconciocconadine:CioccoNadine 4 18 4 seasons of bird beaks by GorillaEye 4 seasons of bird beaks :icongorillaeye:GorillaEye 1,919 216
See the wall paneling
buffeting flourescent lights
Why the fan with no blades?
Why care about buffeting?
Now, flourescent lights
next to
the old-fashioned
Unsilent, non-silent, not-silent
The world is never silent
Buzz, hum, electronic
Clank, roll, shuffle, spin, washing machine
Bubble waft beans on the stove
an equation
that erases
the thought
Do not repeat
will breed
Mute on the right,
numb on the left
Right, left
The numbers
and fall
Time slowly
empties from
the hourglass
into the pit
of my stomach
My memories,
my feelings, must not
be allowed
to continue
catching up to me
If I relinquish,
or surrender,
I will see
what I do not want
to see
I cannot respond
I cannot respond
to your pain,
fragile blossom
I cannot tell you
how I have shared it
I cannot admit it
or forget it
and I
must drown it
So I will be silent
I will not share it
until everything
has faded
to clinic
:iconindiana-w:indiana-w 2 28
Not enough to regret
You were mine for a while
and my words, you said, were those of an angel.
You asked, though you claimed to be worthless,
and I obeyed, knowing you were not,
and we sat, staring at each other but seeing ourselves,
both locked in fear of the past and fear of the future
and disgust of the present and our own sins.
And I looked at your mouth
and thought about kissing you
or I looked at your eyes
and wished they would shine for me.
But they never did and I never did
and we lost each other
even more than ourselves.
:iconprettycrazy:PrettyCrazy 8 24
a by finksche a :iconfinksche:finksche 732 103




Artist | Student | Literature
I'm mostly a poet, but I like to try my hand at all forms of art.

Current Residence: Pennsylvania, U.S
Favourite genre of music: Indie
Favourite style of art: Minimalist, Symbolic
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Zune HD
Shell of choice: Sea-Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Snozzberry
Well revelations readers, I'm not dead yet. Actually I just logged in to post a bit of news. First of all I've been published. TeenInk magazine posted Silver Sliver (which you can read from the convenience of DeviantArt here )
silver sliveryou are a kindness,
a rare oasis,
a silver sliver,
on a sable field.
share your warmth, for a night, for a week
and fuel a star for years,
the inky slate of space,
punctured, stained white by your eyes
a pure beauty,
which blinds like night
and shines twice as bright,
in your eyes I find infinities,
scattered light from your sweet heart,
savoire, je plane avec vous,
take me even higher, will you?
before I am faded atoms, {and too jaded to remember names}

It's in their September 2012 edition of the magazine. It's really there, for their half a fucking million subscribers to pick up and read. And that's just their subscribers, those things get passed around, lent, I know for a fact my old high school gets it; and that doesn't include online readers and you guys.

Now, I know I said I'm getting close to done here but this kind of sparked me a bit. I'm not going to have close to enough time to mantain this here on DeviantArt; buuuuut...

I finally decided that an E-book is going to happen. A collection of completely new poetry. For Name-Your-Own Price. It's in baby stages, but it's coming along. Tentatively, it'll be "Consolations" but that can change; like I said. Baby stages.

Also in the news is I decided to start a blog. I've got a lot to say, and not all of it is poetry related. I'm going to Drexel University for Game Art and Production and I have a lot to say about gaming, and hopefully you might see some of the my stuff soon and it will totally change what you think of gaming. Hopefully from "shooty shooty kaplowey" to something more inherently story driven.

I just started the blog now, so it's in baby stages {I guess that's the buzzword of today} so it doesn't have any graphics or any content per se yet but it will after I go to sleep and wake up later today. Send me a message, or note, or whatever if you want the link. Also send me a note if you want to be Facebook friends, I've met some really cool friends on here that I still talk to today and you can be one of them. I'm a pretty interesting person to know ^.^

Well this is it DeviantArt. I'm growing up and moving out {literally and figuratively} it's been a good run and I've had fun. I'd suggest if you have any favorites you back them up as I'm most likely going to delete this shortly but also let me know which ones you like and perhaps I'll save them and maybe even add them to "Consolations"
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